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Ethics and Integrity

I commit to taking actionable steps throughout my life to work towards building a better, safer, and more efficient world.

As a Forward Thinking Creative Individual, you are taking on the personal responsibility of continuing to learn and spread thoughtful information that brings people and technology together, as well as work toward the most efficient path to innovative implementation and sustainable business practices.

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Development and Personal Influence

I commit to continuing the conversation of the 17 SDG’s and to ensure that my local community is making the best decisions possible in locating and developing systems built for the long-haul.

As a Forward Thinking Creative Individual, you must understand the personal power and influence that you possess. The world and people around you are constantly changing, and it is important to direct your energy in making it the best it can be. 

Remember… We all have 24 Hours in a day. 

It’s important that we make the most out of those hours, even when we feel we do not need to, or that this responsibility is not our own.

The 17 Sustanable Development Goals

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Practice and Training

I commit to spending time every week to better myself and/or help others around me better themselves.

Examples of Self-Betterment:

Exercise and Working Out

Proper Nutrition

Mentoring Others

Turning a Mess into a Message

Practicing Stillness and Meditation


Creative Activities

Daily Journaling and Writing

Communicating with Team Members, Family, and/or Friends

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Introductory Post

I commit to introducing myself with a photo and short write up into some the things I’m working on in life, whether that’s paid work, a personal creative endeavour, or life story.

Let me start by introducing myself:

Hi, I'm Stuart Stretch

I started the Forward Thinking Creative Movement to get more people thinking about the impact of their actions on their community and the world. 

Personally, I am interested in the emerging innovations of our Global Waste Management Industry and I am doing everything in my power to work towards a more transparent and efficient overall system.

I work full-time as a technical brand and website deployer. I also run the content and product management for these sites.

If you’re interested in asking me a public question, @ me in the facebook group once you finished reading this page and make the commitment. Otherwise, shoot me a private message here.

I, hereby, denounce Greed and Ego as Primary Decision Makers in building my Business and Personal Life and to instead Embrace the Communal Resources of others to build a brighter future for all.

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Connect and Share

At the end of the day, this group is here to bring more meaning to your life in a non-obstructive way. 

At any time, for any reason, you may:

Turn off all notifications for the group.
Unsubscribe from all emails.
Lurk without engaging.
Engage without judgment.
Share an opinion or thought experiment. 
Share about your story or personal achievements.

Your choice.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to join the Forward Thinking Creative Movement?