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We are Vancouver Island's first Forward Thinking Creative Agency - we service as far as Burnaby, Vancouver

We are first and foremost

Forward Thinking

Mackenzie Digital is a team of online Forward Thinkers.  We’ve made it our mission to support and work with   businesses who have chosen to pursue technological, environmental, and moral breakthroughs within the scope of their work. We’re proud to think beyond the paycheques and into the lives of future generations.

Deeply connected as a

Creative Agency

As creative leaders, we have a wide variety of skills and masteries in the online marketing and content creating fields, not only that, but . You’d be surprised how often people call thinking they’ll be sold something, only to find their questions were answered and they felt realigned on their companies vision. Relationships are built on trust and communication.

Meet the Owner

Stuart Mackenzie Stretch

Hey, I’m Stuart!

Have you ever been being flooded and overwhelmed with tasks that force you to work for your business rather than on your business? Unfortunately, most of us are not willing to accept when we need to reshift our focus and make changes before it is too late. 

Forward Thinking began as a passion project that is quickly growing into a movement for sustainable business practices. See how your business can pivot into, and utilize, the emerging tech of tomorrow by filling out the form below.

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