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We Are A

Forward Thinking Creative Agency

Foward Thinking

Mackenzie Digital is a team of Forward Thinking Creative Individuals. We’ve made it our mission to support and work with businesses who have chosen to pursue technological, environmental, and moral breakthroughs within the scope of their work. We work with Non-Profits, Community Innovators, Ecom Leaders, and so much more.

Do you have a creative project that you want to maximize the impact for? Reach out to us!

Creative Leaders

As creative leaders, we have a wide variety of skills and masteries in many different areas. We focus primarily on Email Infrastructure and Content Organization and Automation. We’re full of ideas, and practice flawless execution of them on a daily basis.

“You’d be surprised how often people call us thinking they’ll be sold something, only to find their biggest obstacle answered by a simple idea, or shift in perspective. Where our agency comes into play is in the setup and the elaboration of these ideas, in case you or your team lack the technical expertise to do so yourself.”

– Stuart Stretch
Owner, Campaign Director

What We Do

Our Email Strategy Break Down

Identity, Purpose, and Campaign Mapping.

Together, with your team, we will work to understand, organize, and polish your Brand's Voice. We will then map out and define the overall purpose of your email structure before we even touch the technical aspects.

Basic High-Value Automations

Once we establish a strong Brand Voice and we know what we are selling, we will set up some basic, high-value, automations that will work quietly while you sleep.

Lifecycle Nurture Sequence

With some basic automations in place, the real work will start to begin. This multi-path, custom built nurture sequence will work to convert and upsell all users that enter your email system.

What We Do

Our Content Strategy Exposed

Full Content Organization and Planning Phase

As soon as we begin working with you, we like to map everything out into a Content Calendar with prompts to move forward swiftly and precisely.

Content Direction and Editing

Jump into the Content Calendar and see exactly what needs to be done to get the day's content out. We direct, you provide, we edit. It's that simple.

Posting and Engagement

With Powerful content being loaded into the Content Calendar every single day, we take quick action on posting to your most used Social Platforms and engage with upwards of 90 people per day so that you see results fast.

Who Am I?

Hey, I'm Stuart.

Thanks for considering Mackenzie Digital.

“For a very long time, I was the guy who could, ‘do it all.’

I was a high impact ‘generalist’ who couldn’t say ‘no’ to an opportunity.

Websites, Media Buying, Sales Videos, Content Manager, Motivational Speaking, Blog Writing, Webinars, Video Editing, Product Manager, WordPress Guru… Email CZAR! 

You name it, I had my toes dipped in it.

But those days are long gone.

Over the course of just 2 years, I have learned many lessons on leading a team to success and I have acquired a deep understanding of everything involved in direct-to-consumer marketing by applying performance organization and campaign mapping, two of my greatest skills. 

I cut the crap and get right to the point. 

Instead of doing all the things, I do only the highest impact things, and execute on them flawlessly. I’ve learned how to create compelling revenue generating email nurture sequences and automations, as well as how to create captivating content that drives organic traffic through those systems. 

So that’s what I, and my team, stick to.

We don’t waste any time focusing on all the things. We use our time strategically for the things that matter most: Owned Channels.

If you’re reading to see what we can do for your business, give us a call.”

– Stuart Stretch, MD.

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