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Let me ask you this...

Are you struggling to
develop an owned revenue channel that produces income month after month?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

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Before you book a call with me...

Thanks for visiting my page! You’re likely here because you met me in person, you were recommended to me by someone I’ve worked with, or by some random chance you’ve stumbled upon my page on your own.

All that really matters is that you’re here now. 

Showing up is the first step to creating the new life and business that will serve you for years to come. 

I work with entrepreneurs who are committed to stepping up their online presence and showing up to the work it takes to create a profitable revenue machine. 

If you are..

a Freelancer making an inconsistent $3-5k/month who is struggling to grow their company and push past the consistent $10k/m mark,

or a Business Owner and team leader looking to increase their annual sales revenue from $200k annually to upwards of $1.5m annually,

or a Course Creator with a high-ticket course for sale who is struggling to drive consistent leads and sales for your product,

or a Consultant / Specialist seeking consistent, pre-qualified leads that book time with you without you having to constantly bicker them,

or an Intuitive Entrepreneur seeking to step more practically into their approach to business without giving up on their spiritual self,

…then I can help you.

I CAN’T help you if…

You’re looking for a quick fix solution without doing any of the necessary work,

You are unable to prioritize TIME to work with me or my team,

You are making less than $2000 per month revenue with your business,

You do not believe that you can drastically increase your revenue in a short period of time.


If you’ve gotten this far and you aren’t scared off, please, click the button below. I would LOVE to speak with you to see if I can help out.

Work with Stuart and Mackenzie Digital to develop a magnetic business experience.

Booking form takes about 5 minutes to complete

Software we rely on

What does it look like to work with us?

Connect, Meet, Integrate.

Your First Free Call

On this first call we have together, our intention is simple. Gather as much information as we can in order for us to ensure that we can help you and your business grow by working together.

We train our sales team in the art of abundance. We do not limit the advice we share on these intro calls, nor do we expect to sell clients on anything the first time around. We offer this service purely to connect and gain information on whether we can be of service to your business.

Book yours today!

Connect, Meet, Integrate.

Reconnect, Listen, Move Forward.

Your Second Free Call

Yes, you read that right. We believe pitching a prospect the first time we meet to connect is poor sales etiquette.

If, by the end of our first call together, we believe that you are the perfect fit to move forward with us then we will 100% let you know. However, we never rush into a job from day 1 and and we always prepare and plan for a second call. 

This way our team gets the necessary time to carefully discuss and collect our thoughts about your business and follow up with a more robust action plan.

Reconnect, Listen, Move Forward.

1-1 Coaching, Consulting, Advising.

Coaching for Clarity

This is our absolute most favourite part. Once we confirm that we’re a great fit to work together we are going to do a deep dive into the various elements of your business that make it oh-so special, working together to uncover missed opportunities and potential growth avenues that weren’t seen before. 

Our intention here is to clear out the things in your business that just aren’t working and help you refocus on the things that allow abundant impact to flow through you and your business. 

This is often when breakthrough moments and pivotal business shifts happen for many of the clients we work together with. 

1-1 Coaching, Consulting, Advising.

Done-For-You Technical Setup.

Technical Development

It’s time to get technical. And creative! If by the end of our time together you feel confident and ready to implement what you’ve learned without having to do all of the technical setup yourself, the team at Mackenzie Digital is ready to step in and make your life simple.

Our creative team, copywriting team, and design team will work collaboratively to develop robust and magnetic digital assets that sell your products and services. 

Done-For-You Technical Setup.

Due Diligence

Test, Launch, Optimize.

What’s a performance sales funnel do without the performance? Nada – Nothing – Squat!

We put our systems to the test and prove a return on investment or it’s back to the drawing board for us. This process allows us to churn through the technical challenges quickly and get your business producing consistent revenue.

It’s time for sales!

Due Diligence

Ongoing Business Relationship

Future Products, Services, and Support.

Our second absolute most favourite thing to do beyond working with clients the first time is… working with them a second time! or in an ongoing business relationship.

Once we prove the power and performance of our initial deliverables, our hope is always to continue working with existing clients to develop fresh offers, pages, and campaigns that continue to produce them revenue and results month after month after month.

Ongoing Business Relationship

Clear the fogginess.
Go straight to the destination.

When you lack clarity in your business, it can often feel impossible to find it all on your own. This is something that all high performing entrepreneurs experience at some point or another. You are not alone! Sometimes, all it takes is working with the right advisor to interpret where you’re at and guide you out of the fogginess that you’ve been stuck in. 

In the past, I was completely stuck in this foggy, lack-of-clarity state. My business suffered, my social and personal life was in shambles, and I wasn’t hitting the milestones in my business I knew I had to be hitting. I was unclear about my business’s purpose and whether the missions I was pursuing in life meant anything to me, I was unclear about what I truly wanted and I was afraid to step up, face the fogginess, and demand the clarity and direction that I sought. 

What became clear to me was that I was ultimately afraid of who I was capable of being as well as the power that I had within myself to lead a successful and profitable team and business to double, triple, quadruple what I thought possible. 

Gaining clarity for me meant;

Waking up early. Eating right. Working out. Limiting unhealthy habits. Yerba maté > Coffee. Expressing myself, fully and truthfully. Making time for myself. Tuning into what I really wanted and how I really helped people. By stepping into my power state more often and owning my actions and words I began to think exponentially rather than linearly!

As soon as I made these shifts in my personal life, I was able to start asking myself more difficult yet aligned questions that has led me down the path of discovering what it truly takes to launch and sustain a 6, 7, even 8-figure businesses. 

No more confusion, no more fogginess.

Steven Foord - Foord Construction

"Stuart and Mackenzie Digital made this process extremely easy for me."

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So, what are you waiting for?

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